We arrived at the village of BUGUZA around noon on Saturday July 22nd as many people were waiting for us!!

Nous sommes arrivés au village de BUGUZA vers midi le samedi 22 juillet et beaucoup de gens nous attendaient!

We greeted the people and explained why we were here for the Water Well Project!  We told them that before doing anything else, we must visit the open well and see if it meets the criterias we have set for the installation of a water well in their village community.

Nous avons salué les gens et nous leur avons  expliqué pourquoi nous étions là pour le Projet de Puits d`Eaul!

We measured the depth of the well and we noticed that there was a huge rock at the bottom of the well and some water.  We do not think that the water area is large enough to receive the cement rings.

The villagers will have to dig deeper as there is only about eight inches of water in the well!! They will also have to widen the bottom of the well area so that the cement rings can fit in the water and be raised to the top.

These will be big challenges but the Village of Buguza is willing to do what needs to be done to ensure that the well will be ready for installation.  Once the explanations were completed, we asked them if they still wanted a Water well for their community and they all responded with enthusiasm!!

Nous leur avons dit qu’avant de faire autre chose, nous devions visiter le puits ouvert et voir s’il répond aux critères que nous avons fixés pour l’installation d’un puits d’eau dans la communauté des villageois.

We moved to another area of the property for the official signing of the contract.

Nous avons mesuré la profondeur du puits et nous avons remarqué qu’il y avait une énorme roche au fond du puits et de l’eau.

They had already chosen 4 representatives for the community well: a Chairperson, a Vice Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  They also chose a second person for Secretary and a second person for Treasurer.  So we started the official signing of each person representing the Village community! Then Claire and I and Ambrose confirmed the contract by signing it as well!!

Nous ne pensons pas que la zone d’eau soit suffisamment grande pour recevoir les cercles de ciment. Les villageois devront creuser plus profondément car il n’y a que huit pouces d’eau dans le puits! Ils devront également élargir le fond de la zone du puits afin que les cercles de ciment puissent entrer dans le puits et montés jusqu`à la surface!!

Then I gave some gifts to the Chairperson on behalf of the village and they will be responsible to distribute them in a fair manner! These included some t-shirts, rosaries, Canadian pins as well as a soccer ball and a pump for the ball.

Ce seront de grands défis, mais le village de Buguza est prêt à faire ce qu’il faut faire pour s’assurer que le puits sera prêt à être installé. Une fois que les explications ont été complétées, nous leur avons demandé s’ils voulaient encore un puits d’eau pour leur communauté et ils ont tous répondu avec enthousiasme et des cris de joie!

I asked the Mama’s son, David, on whose property the water well will be installed, to be responsible for the soccer ball and pump and to give it at times for the children of the community. Everyone from the community agreed to these terms.

Nous avons déménagé dans une autre section de la propriété

They thanked us for believing in them by signing the contract and leaving the pump behind.  They said that now that they have received instructions, they will begin as soon as possible to continue the digging to ensure that they respect the width and depth of the water well.  This is the only way we will be able to install a water well in their community Village of Buguza. We told them that Ambrose will take pictures of the installation of the cement rings as well as the pump and send them to us for our Water Well website! We left and we are hopeful that they will do what needs to be done to ensure that a Water Well is installed in this community!!

Pour la signature officielle du contrat. Ils avaient déjà choisi 4 représentants pour la collectivité: un président, un vice-président, un secrétaire et un trésorier. Ils ont également choisi une deuxième personne pour le secrétaire et une deuxième personne pour le Trésorier. Nous avons donc commencé la signature officielle de chaque personne représentant la communauté du village! Alors Claire, moi-même et Ambrose ont confirmé le contrat en le signant aussi!

We also told them we would return for a visit next July 2018!!