The first water well we installed in 2005 on the Island was because a village, Saint-Pierre-Jolys in Manitoba had given us $800.00 to put in a water well. We had no clue what to do, but we collected information. We visited the women and girls where they were going to fetch polluted water and realized that they had to walk 3-5km and some even 5-8 kilometers to get a pail of polluted water that carried diseases with it! Since then, we built a total of 21 water wells on the Island of Ukerewe in Tanzania. We are still doing it because it improves the health of the children and provides safe, clean, drinking water while lowering the risk of disease. It also greatly reduces the long distances the women and girls have to walk to get good water! Girls as young as 5-6 years of age carry water in a pail on their heads!

We all deserve safe, clean, drinking water and this includes these beautiful people.

We know that we cannot provide safe clean drinking water to all, but as Mother Theresa said, “One drop at a time makes a difference!”

View some of our photos to the different faces of these women and girls carrying water.